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Quality Mission

The  Mission  of  Quality  is an  effort  to  enlighten  the  customer  through  a  process  of  continual  improvement  in  delivering  cost-effective  items  on  line  of  the  manufacturing  process.

Quality  is  responsible  to  Customers'  requirement  and  satisfaction  of  the  Employees  through  productive  management  practice  and  concern  of  the  entire  organization.

In  modern  days  of  advanced  technology,  maintenance  of  quality  is  highly  essential  and  without  Quality  consciousness,  the  organization  can  not  grow.

Effective maintenance of quality records is controlled by a Team of qualified Production Planning and Control personnel on documents duly marked for the individual jobs in proper format.

Quality Policy

The Policy is to provide satisfaction to the Customers with their requirement, continually maintaining the quality and standard of achievement, reviewing the technique of production from time to time.

The process also provides satisfaction to the employees who in turn endeavors to improve upon the quality in achieving the objectives.